The Great Unveil

If you look at the jar, it looks pretty much the same. But there are changes! The NEW improved George's® Restore.

Many people feel this is the best Whey Nutritional shake on the market.
  • New Enhanced Formula

    I played with the ratios to improve the taste. Many companies these days are reducing the amount of whey protein isolate because it is more expensive. We have decided to maintain the level and use a product from a different supplier. Different cows, better taste.

    And we have continued to purchase only the best, highest grade of WPI made by ionic exchange filtration rather than hydralization. This ensures there is no underlying bitter aftertaste.

  • Improved Taste

    I didn't think it could be better, but it is. It is subtle. You might not tell if you are adding lots of stuff to your shake, but when we did a taste test like a wine testing the tasters unanimously agreed that it was far superior and got a round of applause.

  • More Protein Per Serving

    The level of protein per serving is up by 6%

  • No Added Sweeteners, Chemicals or Hidden Flavoring

    This is the same claim we have made since the very first shake was made. Nothing has changed. The ethic listed on the label is basically an emulsifier that is added by the manufacturer and allows the product to mix.

  • Highly Bioavailable Amino Acid Profile

    This WPI is made in such a way that the amino acids get into your system really quickly. This is why so many people refer to George's® Restore as 'soft' and healing. Don't be misled by amino acid claims on the muscle mag products. All whey protein products have them because they come from the same protein source. The key is how they are processed.

  • 20% more per jar

    We thought you would like more servings per jar.

  • Certified Kosher by the world's largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency

    This is a very big deal. Kosher certification requires very specific, complex standards of production including a special wash before processing. This means that your product has no residuals from any other product and that the facility is immaculate and reviewed according to rabbinical standards. And it also requires an additional cost for us. I simply thought that this product deserves it.

What people have to say about George's® Restore. These are all unsolicited, unpaid endorsements.

  • I loooove George's® Restore. It has a really nice texture. I have it w/Silk's Dark Choc Almond Milk and sometimes I throw in a banana.

  • It's definitely the best protein powder I've ever used! I always feel better after a George's® Restore shake. And I'm always amazed at how fast products ship from the RR store! It's great.

  • I just wanted to sing the praises of George's® Restore. I have been concerned about the amount of soy I have been eating so I decided to try George's® Restore. After reading the RR web site and different postings about how terrible the protein powders can be, I am thrilled to report that George's® Restore mixes in plain nonfat yogurt very well. I really can't taste a difference and more importantly it holds me until lunch time. It is great not to feel tired and cranky just before I eat lunch. I just wanted to let others who might be feeling unsure about trying protein powder. It really is very good. Thanks Kathleen for this wonderful product.

  • Amen, love this shake. I am all about texture. The George's® Restore powder is soft and smells good. I add the RR vitamin powder to it and love it. I dug George's® Original, but LOVE George's® Restore!

  • I got up this morning and made George's® Shake just like you said, just that I used a frozen banana instead. (I think I remember reading that somewhere). LOVED IT! I'm on track now and feeling good about it. I love having a super quick, protein-filled breakfast for those "rushy" kind of mornings and George's® shake is an excellent "pre-yoga" meal for me.

  • Had a good day yesterday getting back on track. Today I had a George's® shake. First time I have tried Kathleen's protein powder. Wow, what a difference. Tasted really great.

  • I second the George's® Restore recommendation. I've tried a lot of protein powders and this one is the best. It adds a light, creamy taste--just sort of milky. I love it in original, vanilla, or chocolate almond milk. My husband loves it, too. Also, it is super-easy to digest.

  • I don't get a nickel for recommending it, but I can do so whole-heartedly :) Oh, and a bit of frozen banana is nice with George's® Restore. Much tastier than Splenda.

  • As far as the George's® Restore goes, I really, really enjoy it. This is the first time that I've found a shake product that I've liked enough to have it every morning and actually look forward to it. George's® Restore is a whey protein isolate. I understand that it is the casein and lactose in dairy that gives us problems, and those are absent in George's® Restore. I can't eat dairy products either, but I have NEVER had any kind of problem with George's® Restore. It is the kindest, gentlest thing for my stomach when I'm feeling sick. Shipping isn't bad either, especially considering the price of gas these days. It's getting cheaper to order things online than drive to get them. Before I end my commercial :-) I have to say one more good thing about ordering from the RR store. They ship very quickly, and better than that, David even answers emails right away!

  • I am smiling with these posts, and the feeling that George's® Restore costing a little more is every bit worth it. That *we* are worthy, and deserving. YES!!!

  • I'll chime in with everyone else and say that George's® Restore is great. Since I have a sensitive stomach, I found that most protein powders made me sick. George's® Restore is gentle and had the best flavor of them all. When I get some extra money hanging around, I'll order some for me, too.

  • I just received George's® Restore for the first time and I really love it. Sometimes in the morning I get pushed for time and don't always get my breakfast made and eaten within an hour. With George's® Restore, I can whip up a satisfying and quick breakfast. This week, I've been using original almond milk, small banana, and an ice cube with 2 scoops of George's® Restore. Tomorrow I am trying out some peanut butter in it. I have to keep my breakfasts interesting and changing.

  • My biggest change is realizing that not all unsweetened Whey protein powder is created equally. I was using one that had more protein per serving, but it was hard on my stomach and not as satisfying. I'm totally sold on George's shake with George's® Restore. Love it! I have actually had it with water and nothing else in a few crisis moments (banquet of food/funeral, and not enough solid protein to get me through, so I supplemented).

  • I have something I just want to share with you, and perhaps you can share it with David and Kathleen. I ordered the George's® shake along with the cookbook and paid through Paypal. I just noticed last night that David gave me a refund of $3.20 because he was able to combine the items and save on shipping. I just can't tell you how much it means to me to know that I am dealing with a company with such a high level of integrity. Please pass this along to them. Thank you!

  • Getting enough protein in the meal would be complicated if not for George's® shake. Breakfast needs to be fast and easy for me. Knowing that I can get everything I need with George's® protein shake leaves me to be creative with changing up my flavors. Today I mixed the protein shake with milk, blueberry yogurt, flax seed oil, chopped walnuts, and frozen peaches. Fabulous!! I made one for my son, too! It was hours before I was hungry again.

  • I am starting to feel somewhat energized in the morning. I normally feel like I need to hook up coffee to my arm through an IV. I'm starting to feel like I don't even need to have a cup of coffee, but I'm holding off making other changes right now. I've been drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day for 30 years.

  • We love our shakes and shake stuff!!!

  • I have ordered George's® Restore from the US (it is the best PP I have found), it comes in a big plastic tub (about a kg in weight I guess), it arrives within a few days of ordering. I also add some of the flavourings to my order, the cherry is my fav with butterscotch a close 2nd.

  • I'm in London, and someone I know received their PP from the Store before a tub from the UK having placed both orders the same day.

  • I have ordered PNP from the store and it came quickly and efficiently to Canada. No delays. Now I have placed another order which I am looking forward to receiving. Great service all around.

  • I use George's® Restore and totally love it. It is by far the nicest protein powder I have ever tried and I also love that it is sent on subscription from the US so I never run out. I've a box sitting here and I just checked and the postage was 19.36 dollars at the moment. Yes, it might be a little more expensive than some of the options available from the cheaper places here but this George's® Restore blends instantly and just has the greatest flavour. I always carry serving size portions in the back of my handbag, briefcase and glove box and many times its saved my by just dissolving into a decaf or a some soup without curdling and it is just totally delicious in my morning shake. I think I've tried just about all the options of protein powder available here in the UK - and, for me, George's® Restore wins!

  • I buy a lot online. I don't know anywhere else where the human face is so evident. I get emails from David when there is any question, or when I've filled in the form wrong--do I really want to go to Albuquerque to pick it up LOL? Oops.

  • I can ask about any item and get specific, detailed information. There is a whole class on the Radiant store, for free, where you can ask why this and why that.

  • I really like the subscription service for my regular items--George's® Restore!!!--and it saves a few dollars that way, too. I imagine a crew working like elves to make these boxes happen, with a little of this and a little of that. The delivery is super no-fuss. Items come fast!!! I've had George's® Restore sent to me when I was on vacation or out-of-town for surgery, right to the hotel.

  • I haven't personally asked for anything special, but I remember once somebody wanted the huge bag of creamy buckwheat, not the regular little bags, and they were able to get it for her. In other words, David and Kathleen will really work with you.

  • If there's a problem with an order--and that is going to happen from time to time--all it takes is an email or phone call. It doesn't happen very often, I must say.

  • Kathleen is always thinking what will make our program easier. The journal is a perfect example of that. The easiest way for me to journal is my little black book. She also developed George's® Restore and Original George's® specifically for sugar-sensitive people in recovery, and they work and taste great. George's® Restore is sooooooo perfect for me. I use Gammazyme and ProEPA, too, to heal gut and allergy problems. My husband likes the cod liver oil in his shake. We both use All-One. I trust these products because I know Kathleen has done the research, and they are the best things available. They aren't in the store just because they are profitable or the cheapest to turn around or the easiest to get.

  • I have to say that I didn't think George's® was for me, but I finally bought some at Ranch and it is amazing! Something about it really makes me feel good. Now I have to use up all the George's® Restore I bought, before I can get some more of the WONDERFUL George's®
  • I had that same reservation at first. I finally broke down and ordered the very cheapest bottle of George's® Restore made. Much to my surprise, it was wonderful. I have had different protein powders for a decade or so as in a previous life I was a gym rat. I always put up with the less-than-wonderful taste for the benefits. But George's® Restore is excellent. And I like the fact that it was developed to help people's bodies heal, not to help lift bigger gym weights. As soon as I had the first shake from that first bottle, I went on the subscription list.

  • I have used protein powders for 10 years. George's® Restore is the best one I've ever used. As for the cost, it's cheaper than a heart attack.

  • Did you know that David can put you on a subscription and have George's® Restore delivered to you automatically at time periods you choose, like monthly?

  • David is really cool and works hard to make the program work for all of us. He has the same kind of honesty and integrity that Kathleen does. I've trusted him with my credit card for years, lol.

  • One of my early times at Ranch I, living in a pretty rural little town, had never even heard of chocolate soy milk or chocolate almond milk, and Kathleen happened to mention one or the other in the first evening. I said Wow, I want to try that. She said, Well would you like David to get you some? I said Sure, and to my surprise when I went back to my room, there was a little bag with my chocolate almond milk, I believe it was, waiting for me that David had gone to the health food store to get!

  • Breakfast is good, so long as I can keep George's® Restore in the house. :)

  • Thanks so much for the link! I knew I had seen something about Almond Milk before but I couldn't find it. I was so nervous about drinking it for the first time but it was great! I was so surprised. I used the unsweetened almond milk and mixed it with my coffee. (I used caffeinated for right now) and 2 scoops of George's® Restore. It was so good. I have had my share of protein shakes and this is really nothing like the ones I have had before. This is going to make breakfast so much quicker and easier for me. Thanks!

  • Harry loves playing with the George's® Restore container as a drum. Managed to capture him on camera and thought they would make you smile!

  • Yes to all that and George's® Restore doesn't hurt my stomach, even when I am having a little digestive flare-up. It tastes creamy and light and dissolves beautifully.

  • I sound like a commercial, but I am just one happy customer. I tried a LOT of protein powders. Some taste awful, some taste okay, some taste pretty good. This one is, hands down, my favorite.

  • I don't want to come off sounding like a commercial for the RR store, but the powders there really are "Da Bomb".

  • If you get George's®, all you need to add is milk/juice/fruit to taste. It has the protein, brown, and vitamins already in it so it is WAY convenient. It is soy protein and oats for the brown, so it is fine for a vegetarian.

  • If you order George's® Restore, you need to be aware that it is really great whey protein powder. It doesn't have any added junk in it and it tastes very good -- most whey protein powders either taste awful, or have loads of chemicals and/or sweeteners in them, or both!

  • Nowadays I get George's® Restore and add my own oats and vitamin powder, and mix it into chocolate almond milk. You can use it however you want, though. I think there are as many shake mix recipes out there as there are people eating shake for breakfast! When I first started eating breakfast, I liked to use cow's milk, thawed frozen strawberries, cottage cheese, and protein powder to get up to my required amount. I ate my brown on the side back then: a couple of slices of whole wheat toast, or some oatmeal, or something along those lines. I also had coffee with creamer, and often some juice or other "extras", but I always had my shake and my brown!

  • I love George's® Restore! I find the taste light and easy to add to many things. I love it in a shake as do my girls. I also add it to pancake/waffle batter, baked goods, and I'm sure you could do other things with it.

  • We LOVE George's® Restore. I'm OK with some of the alternatives, but my girls will only use George's® Restore and I much prefer it. My biggest tip would be to ask your daughter what she'd like in a shake and let her make it and experiment. My girls love George's® Restore in chocolate almond milk. Generally, they warm it in the microwave so it is like hot chocolate. My oldest makes all sorts of fruit shakes as well and her other standby is milk, banana and peanut butter. When we started this program both of my girls were extremely picky. They have really expanded their horizons on this program. It is pretty rare for a kid not to care for George's® Restore

  • My George's® Restore arrived a few days ago. - I love it. Ye-ha!! Had been struggling to find a suitable protein powder - all the ones I have tried were either just blleaaahh or contained artificial sweetener and a bunch of other nasties. And I didn't really get on with original George's as I prefer my vitamins and complex carbs 'on the side'. But George's® Restore is great; I just added skimmed milk, banana and some berries and it tasted really good - just like it says on the pack. I had ryvitas and marmite too and was all set. My kids liked it too.

  • Also, I placed an order and was so excited to get it in the mail, that I put in for over night delivery. An hour after placing the order, I got a call from David, letting me know that with regular shipping and due to the fact that y'all are only 1 state over from me, I'd probably get my order in about 3 days (ish). He said he was just calling to let me know this b/c I could save about $14.00 if I went with the regular shipping. He said that he was just passing along the info. Well, sure enough he was right. I saved about $14.00 and my package arrived today. I can't wait to open it up and dive into my new goodies. I can't remember the last time I ordered something and a company tried to save me money. Anyway, I mention this b/c I was so impressed with him, and that tells me tons about your company and how you all operate. Very impressive!!!

  • George's® Restore is almost a miracle food for me. My tummy can be sensitive, but it calms right down on George's® Restore. I know just how it feels to see that package :)

  • A couple of days ago I placed an order through the RR store, and it arrived today . . . felt like Christmas morning! Lol

  • I just wanted to let you all know that I tried George's® Restore again and I loved it. It is so much better in my shakes than the rice protein powder I've been using. And I've felt fine on it, so as Kathleen has said, I don't think I'll have a problem with it in terms of my dairy sensitivity.

  • The other thing I've tried the past couple of days is freezing sliced banana for my shakes. I've heard many of you talk about that and have wanted to try it, and I'm glad I did. It works really well! So, my shakes just keep getting better!

  • I am back to using George's® Restore in shakes for breakfast. I had switched to George's® Original, which is soooo easy, but I feel better with George's® Restore. It is a wonder food. My body LOVES it. I go, ahhhhhh . . . .

  • The Radiant Recovery store sells a whey protein isolate powder called George's® Restore. It is my favorite powder. I've never found one, here in town, that is anywhere near as good.(IMHO, of course LOL!)

  • When I first started the program (over 6 1/2 years ago) I was never going to have a shake. It reminded me too much of Optifast which made me nauseous. It took me several years to even try it. I tried it one year at Ranch and wow, it certainly wasn't like that STUFF. I now have a shake almost every day. It is like a blank slate and I can experiment or keep having what I have had before. It works well because it provides me with the protein I need. I use George's® Restore so I add my own oats but it is so smooth and wonderful. There are days I would rather chew so I either eat food or make my shake slushy and eat it with a spoon. There are so many options. It is a suitable breakfast because it is effective, filling and gives me everything I need.

  • I can't imagine breakfast without George's®. It took me awhile to decide to take the "risk" and buy it, but now I have a subscription. My large container lasts almost a month, using 1/3 c per shake. I bought George's® Restore recently for my husband to use when he runs out of Naturade protein powder (he likes to take his vitamins in pill form).

  • I use 1/2 c. soy milk, 1 1/2c water and/or juice, 1/3 c cottage cheese, an additional 1/4 c oats, 1 c fruit (usually frozen blueberries or my current favorite frozen pineapple), flax or fish oil (alternate), 1/2 banana (best frozen in small slices). I ditched sugar prematurely, so I make it pretty sweet with fruit. It holds me 'til lunch better than "solid" food.

  • My husband and I joke about the two "Georges" in my RR (Step 3)

  • Life--George's® Shake and my George Foreman grill. :-)

  • I just want to say, I love George's®. I have tried instant breakfast, ww smoothies, and just about everything else to get a base for my morning shakes that make me feel like I want from breakfast to lunch. Nothing else even comes close. I have mine with fruit, cottage cheese and yogurt. Lots of protein and all the perfect vitamins!

  • I haven't written for a few days. I received my George's® Restore in the mail towards the end of the week. I have found it just a wonderful experience. It's gentle, satisfying, makes the morning an experience. I know, odd words but honestly its been a joyful addition to my journey. I continue to get breakfast in every day.

  • As for the store... I'm always so impressed when I think about how "non-commercial" this program is. The sincerity of the care and concern here keeps me coming back. One way the sincerity is evident is that no-one is grabbing my wallet. (smile)

  • I'm glad that the store exists and I feel safe with all of the products that I order for myself and my 9 year old.

  • When I first joined RR I was unemployed... and I ordered nothing for months. I never felt pushed to buy anything... and healing began to occur without my purchasing anything but good food for breakfast at the local store. As I healed, I found a job and I started ordering George's Shake. I became a huge fan of George's®, and I continued to heal. I now purchase Shake, Vitamins and Fish Oils for myself and my 9 YO regularly.

  • When I am looking for something extra, I stop by the store first to see if you're carrying it. If the store has what I'm looking for, I look no further. I figure out how much I'll need to budget, save up, and order when I'm ready. Being budget conscious, did some research. I know the prices are fair (even lower than most), and I know that ordering from the store helps keep all of us going.

  • I see this as one small way to support you and the community while nourishing myself and my daughter with great products.

  • For some reason, the store really makes this feel like a community to me. It is "our" store that carries things just for us. I am so impressed with the way Kathleen researches, develops and chooses the best products. And David is so accommodating that I wonder how he keeps up with everything. When I've e-mailed questions, he (or Kathleen) has replied within the day, or at the latest by the next day. When I moved, my shake followed me without incident. I love the store, and visit it pretty much each week when I get my newsletter.

  • Just started my fourth week of the program and wanted to post an update. Before I started, I loved my breakfast. I had a bowl of sugary cereal and a glass of OJ every morning. All that sugar; what's not to love. Then I started adjusting my breakfasts. Adding protein, adjusting the carbs. My first breakfasts were scrambled eggs with cheese and peanut butter toast. Eventually I changed my brown to oatmeal with almonds and settled on this. I enjoyed my breakfast. It tasted good. I didn't love it but I was content. I really didn't believe I could love a breakfast with protein. I decided to give a shake a try, despite my skepticism. I've never been a big fan of the smoothie but I was willing to give it a try. Let me say, I LOVE my George's® Restore. I make it with milk and two Tbs. of peanut butter. I find myself looking forward to it. I really never believed that could happen. I'm still struggling with tension headaches (started the week before I started the program) but my sugar hangovers are gone. I'm feeling good and planning to give myself another month loving my breakfast before I think about step two.

  • Thought I'd share that Alex blended up 6g of George's® Restore with chocolate almond milk and then she said it wasn't a good temperature. I told her we could cool it down with ice or heat it up. She liked the idea of hot chocolate, so we heated and she LOVED it. Hooray! Now, I need to go and find some more almond milk and she says she'll keep adding more George's® Restore until she gets up to the right amount. Thanks for all the ideas and support!

  • I found the pathway very clear to getting info about George's® Shake. I like the quick info links to finding out the directions for making a shake, how George's® was developed, etc. The complete listing of ingredients and nutritional info is important for me as well.

  • I placed a first time order from the store about a week ago and was impressed with how quickly the order came.

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