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Sugar Free Beef Jerky

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natural - beef granulated, garlic, soy lethicin*

We carry both the salted and unsalted versions.

*non stick spray used on drying racks

1.5 oz packages $4.59/$3.99


    Satisfy your taste buds with the best tasting Beef Jerky around! This Beef Jerky (Carne Seca) is very unique to the taste. It is thin and crispy with just the right amount of seasoning to arouse your taste buds and is a great source of healthy protein. It is made with select quality beef, all ingredients are natural, and hand mixed to perfection, giving it the old-fashioned homemade taste of Carne Seca (seasoned dry beef). Once you sink your teeth into it you will be hooked and will keep coming back for more.
    This beef jerkey is a lifesaver for me. I carry it in my bag, in my car. I love the taste. Discovered it at Walgreens's when I went to Ranch and asked Kathleen and David to carry it in the store.

    Vigil’s Beef Jerky Company was started in 2003 by Charlie Vigil. The building that the jerky is processed in was built in 1987 as a mechanic shop. This was Charlie’s first business. After trying several other businesses, Charlie was successful in the production of beef jerky. He started making beef jerky at home in a round dehydrator that took 24 hrs to dry the meat. As friends and family tasted the jerky, a back door business was formed. People would knock on the back door of his mother, Lucia’s, home asking to purchase jerky. The demand for the jerky became great enough to open a small business for retail sales. Before long, businesses were coming and purchasing the jerky to sell in their stores, so the mechanic shop was converted into a beef jerky processing plant. Instead of one round dehydrator, we now have 7 commercial dehydrators which dry the meat in approx. 3 hours.

    Charlie passed away in April 2006 with a successful business which he left to his wife and son. They plan to keep his dream alive.

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    If you wish, you can order by phone: 505-345-3737, fax: 505-345-3057
    or mail: Radiant Recovery, 3805 Manchester Dr, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

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