International Orders

International orders will be charged according to the chart below. You will not see these charges on the order form, but they will be included at the time of shipment.

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Shipping Rates for International Orders
Weight Canada All Other Countries
0-1lb $9.50-$15 $13-$22
1lb1oz - 2lb $15 $22
2lb1oz - 3lb $24 $33
3lb 1oz - 4lb $35 $48
4lb1oz - 5lb $46 $63
5lb1oz - 6lb $49 $66
6lb1oz - 7lb $52 $69
7.1 lb- up call store call store

This will give you a sense of how we calculate shipping.

For example, the cost of shipping two journals is $22.33 to the UK.

The Shopping Cart program we use does not have the capability of factoring all the variables for International shipping such as the weight of all our items, size of box, weight of the box it is being shipped in, how much protective packing it needs, country it is going to, whether it can fit in a flat rate box/envelope. They generally err on the heavy side, of course.

We prefer to simply pass on the cost of shipping. This is why when you choose the option at the shopping cart portion of your sale, it proceeds to mention that it will be calculated at the time of shipping (when an accurate final weight is generated). We make it a point to give you individualized service.

The price to ship different amounts of journals (this would be different for different items, but is an example):

1 journal - shipping $22.33
2 journals - shipping $22.33
3 journals - shipping $22.33 (best option)
4 journals - shipping $34.00

If you want to know the exact amount before you order, call 505-345-3737 (mountain time - USA) or send an email to David.