Flavors for Shake

Frontier is the market leader in natural flavors and extracts. Their premium quality line of flavors and extracts is 100% natural, sugar-free and contains no added colors. These natural flavors are also vegetable-glycerin based, so they are alcohol-free, and they are Kosher.

Please note: the Maple flavoring also contains corn and barley, gluten and soy.

The Vanilla Flavoring Comes in Two Sizes:

2 oz. - $7.39
4 oz. - $13.39


We also carry the following flavors:
Almond $4.99 (2 oz.) $29.39 (16 oz.)
Banana $4.79  
Butterscotch $5.49  
Cherry $6.99  
Cinnamon $4.19  
Coconut $7.99  
Coffee $5.79 $26.99 (16 oz.)
Maple $5.49  
Orange $4.19  
Peppermint $4.79  
Strawberry $7.59  

See the Options box on the order form for new combinations we are featuring.


And now, if you have any shake subscription to George's® Original or Restore, you can order a Flavor of the Month to be sent with your subscription. A different flavor will be sent each month for $5.00 with no additional shipping cost. And if you receive your George's® Shake subscription every other month, then you will receive two flavors at a time.

For International Orders, we use a Shipping Table.
This has a minimum shipping weight, so it is cost effective to order more than one at a time or include it as part of a larger order.

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If you wish, you can order by phone: 505-345-3737, fax: 505-345-3057
or mail: Radiant Recovery, 3805 Manchester Dr, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107

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