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George's® Restore is a proprietary formula based on whey protein isolates to create a taste, texture and flavor that is very pleasant. We have maintained the use of isolates rather than concentrates, which ensures that the product has a highly bio-available amino acid profile. This whey protein isolate is made in such a way that the amino acids get into your system really quickly. This is why so many people refer to George's® Restore as 'soft' and healing.

There are no added sweeterers, chemicals or hidden flavoring.

George's® Restore is certified Kosher by the world's largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency.

It is perfect for kids, and ideal for pregnant and nursing moms. Everyone who tries it loves the taste. It is great for a post-workout snack. Take it to the gym with you and mix it in your shaker bottle to drink on the way home.

Many people use George's® Restore to up the protein level of their Original Shake. You can also add George's® Restore to baking, soups, muffins, etc. Our cookbook called Radiant Recipes gives a lot of ways to do this addition.

We have many, many people in the community who are experts on shake, LOL. Most use it in oat milk or almond milk. For beginners we often suggest using chocolate almond milk (the one with sweeteners in it) because it is such a nice taste. We have found that the shake mix seems to taste better in alternative milks such as oat milk or almond milk. It is not so nice in regular cow's milk and it is downright ugly in water.

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